May 03, 2016

Less than super human


It’s completely ok to take a break sometimes.

It’s ok to admit that you need time out.

It’s ok to then take said ‘time out’ to rejuvenate your soul.

It’s your right, and honestly, it’s your obligation to yourself to do this every now and then.

We so often find ourselves biting off more than we can chew, thinking more is better, thinking that by doing more we are living more and fulfilling ourselves… When really, majority of the time, all we are doing is bee lining to burn out zones…

We need to be kind to ourselves and on the same note; we need to be kind to others if we see them needing time out. Sometimes a few words “it’s ok, you are ONE person, you aren’t expected to do IT ALL”.. are all it takes. Whether you are saying this to a friend, a colleague or yourself.. just that quiet reassurance that we are only human and cannot take on the work or the stressors of a thousand men, is all we need.

No one should expect us to be these crazy, high and mighty creatures filling our every moment, and not stopping to breathe and regroup.. and if they do?… They can go right ahead and see themselves to the door… because although some pushing, to a degree is a good thing in life, pushing to the edge, is not!

We are human not super human… We all live and breathe the same air, we all must eat and sleep to survive… We must remind ourselves of this, and sometimes remind others.

We all have different capacities, I completely understand that… but we also need to be aware of our limits…be more in tune with our souls.

We should do our best, and leave the rest for another time… another day… And we need to learn to be ok with this, because more often than not, it’s our own guilt that chews through our mind, not the words of others. We tend to be our own worst enemy instead of our own best friend.

One of my favourite quotes is:

“Show up, shine, let go” ~ Danielle LaPorte 

Powerful simplicity.

We can only give what we have, no more… and that’s OK because we get the chance to…

… shine on tomorrow.


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