April 14, 2016

Throw yourself a curve ball

Live for the journey

Far more often than not, our minds are set on the future..

What will I be doing next week? Where can I go on the weekend? I wish the next  few weeks would hurry up so I can finally be on holidays… and it goes on and on and on.

Plans are great, do not get me wrong, forward thinking is a wonderful thing, as wonderful as holidays and dreams and aspirations… however, what is not so wonderful, is to be wishing the present away for these things.

I think we sometimes need to pull the reins back a bit, to slow down to a pleasant trot, instead of galloping full speed through to the next ‘plan’.

I, myself have been making it my daily mission to try and throw myself a curve ball. To slam myself out of my robotic – up, shower, ready, work, home, cook, study, read, sleep routine and by a curve ball, I don’t mean anything dramatic. I just mean I try and steer myself out of normal programming for a while. I go for a walk, I make some jewellery, I take my camera outside, I pick up a different book, I call an old friend. It feels like a re charge and a step away from ‘the plan’ and to slide away from the mundane and actually ENJOY my day.

To be able to lay my head down on my pillow at night with a smile of gratitude, to myself, to the universe, that I have been granted the opportunity to ride through another day. That is what I want. Keep on reading…

April 07, 2016

No ordinary people

no ordinary people

I love meeting new people, like no joke, LOVE it.

I love the listening to new stories and hearing about other worlds that are not so familiar to me/mine.

I love new people’s stories and journeys and how said person has got to be where they are today.

Everyone has an amazing story, something to offer to the table and it’s always a breath of fresh air for me to listen to them. Not in a sticky nose way, don’t get me wrong here. Its more, I really love hearing about the big moments in people’s lives just as much as the small ones. I love knowing what makes people tick, what makes them love and hate. It makes me think past myself and really opens my eyes to the fact there is always so much more going on outside our own little bubbles.

Keep on reading…