My Life and Wellness coaching supports clients in seeking out the truth within themselves and setting out and enacting soul fuelled goals. Working together, we will co-create activities and conversation that encourage you to mindfully and compassionately (because we all need to give ourselves a break!) evaluate your life. By developing self-awareness and self-responsibility, you will learn to implement practical behavioral skills built from your unique strengths and authentic expression to move forward in living your life to the fullest.

These sessions are perfect for people interested in:

+  Living life your way… despite the “helpful suggestions” society might give you.

+  Being true to your passions… instead of settling for a life that is less than you.

+  Daring to follow your heart… and ignoring that little lie inside that says “you can’t do that”.

+  Making the time for you – time to nourish, replenish and feed your own soul.

20 Minute Intro Coaching call

Lets have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit for your coaching needs.


1 Hour Coaching Session Via Skype/FaceTime

Book and arrange a time to connect with me for a 1 hour coaching session.


3 x 1 Hour Coaching Package

Book and arrange a time to connect with me for a 1 hour coaching session and 2 following sessions at an agreed time.


See availability

We will work together to help you with:

+  Stress reduction & mindfulness techniques… because we all need a lil stress reduction and the know how to ease our mind.

+  Letting go of old behavioral patterns… because sometimes they can be so detrimental to our being.

+  Developing tools to take you to the next level… because everyone needs something to help them on their way.

+  Aligning with your life purpose… because YES!

+  Creating goals that light you up… because they move us forward.

We only have one life… let’s live it without the bullsh*t !!

Now…….Let’s get that soul fire started, shall we?